Reverse Auctions

How to use the Auction?


  • First we see on screen a running auction like;

Here we can see (a) Title like “10gm” , Product image, running timer, Product MRP price like $15000, Bid cost, which paid by bidder from his/her account like $10, Remain bids like 20, means bidders can bid only 20 times, each once.

  • Now Bidder should use their knowledge about lowest value ~ about the product, because Bidder bid must be between MRP to Lowest, otherwise the bid will ignored by system.
  • Bidder can bid on two kind of pages like product page and listing page;


  • On both pages can receive bids
  • Bidder first put Bid price as he/she thinks, and click on “Bid now” button, you can receive a confirm message or any other issues message also, like
  • “Bid Success” or “Balance not proper to bid” or “Duplicate Bid” or etc.
  • Remember that auction will end, after completing all define bids, means there no bid remain for the product.
  • After complete all bids, whenever time will go zero, the auction will end, and that time, the website will define the winner and the auction will change as “Closed Auction”
  • You can found your winner.